Tender Touch


Human contact through touch is a primary means to feel connected to our own humanity as well as to our interconnectedness to the world we live in. Research has scientifically proven that touch cultivates health and well being on every level.


Unfortunately we live in a culture that does not promote natural physical closeness or compassionate “holding time”. Hence many individuals can feel a deep sense of loneliness and isolation.


I have spent many years researching and exploring touch and its affects on us as individuals as well as a society. I am passionate about cultivating safe, mindful touch as a therapeutic means to enhance health and social engagement.Coming from a large family, with Eastern European roots I was raised in an environment of playfulness with plenty of physical interaction that fostered resilience, comfort and a sense of joyful curiosity. Human closeness is natural, meaningful and necessary for everyone, of all ages, and it is my sincere hope to promote and support this connectedness.


Our current society has shifted dramatically, isolation through electronic devices, separate bedrooms and much less time spent in the outdoors, can all contribute to feelings of loneliness or depression.


Loving touch is a simple human need that can support a richer existence on all levels. 


I offer services in compassionate touch. Visit  TenderTouch for more information.

Somatic Life Coaching Sessions


Using the qualities of felt sense, imagery, intention and exploration to work with life changes, aspirations, or visioning in a mindful, intuitive, sequential manner that is practical, creative and motivated by internal connection and authenticity. Address areas in your life with honesty, humour, and fortitude encouraging healthy change that is manageable and affirming to your full potential. We have this rich opportunity in our life to live well and to feel alivened by our daily experiences. Life coaching can offer a baseline to expand from, exploring options and expanding our world view and lived experience with integrity and courage. Step into your life!


Sliding scale:  $70-100

Somatic Sessions 


Private somatic sessions to promote self-regulation, mindfulness, awareness, compassion, life change, attunement, and the sequencing of held energy. Somatic expression can incrementally support held patterns in our body to be discharged gently deepening our connection to our own authenticity and the inherent interconnectedness we share with all life. Energy has an innate desire to move and change therefore allowing us to meet the moment with insight, strengthen our nervous system and build resilience.


Sliding scale:  $70-100


Testimonial by Jill Earles: My somatic sessions with Lana have been powerfully transformative. With her safe and supportive presence, and gentle guidance, I've been able to release old blockages, and have brought my power centre, my life force, back into my body, after having experienced it as being just outside of me. This work gets past the confused mind into the wisdom of the body to support healing and until now unknown to me levels of well-being.