Rizze Expressive Yoga Classes in East Van

Expressive Yoga With Some Tork!


Putting the fun back into yoga… Do you want a powerful, life affirming practice that is fun, lively, slightly wacky, dancing, and never the same? It is time to step up to Expressive Yoga. A unique practice, that builds strength, balance and tenacity.


Open Door:   1651 Commercial Dr, Vancouver BC

                       Fridays 10:45am-12:00pm

Testimonial by Mary Lorraine Goldie: Rizze yoga will get you laughing and moving in the most delicious way. Suitable for all, it will expand you physically and emotionally.



Private Yoga Classes 


For individuals who are interested in deepening their practice through private or semi-private individually created yoga sessions in your own home. Sessions are mindfully created to support the somatic sequencing of energy in our bodies as well as to enhance our ability to self-regulate, and live energized, compassionate lives. 

Having an opportunity to work with yoga as a healing modality allows for a deepening into our inherent nature, as well as an exploration as to the deep inner connectedness that is accessible through a committed yoga practice. 


Sliding scale:  $70-100





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